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We will try to share the answers to questions that are submitted:

1. Can/should we provide a cost estimate? If so, should it be included in the narrative or can it be a graphic in the presentation? Cost estimate is not required but may be included
2. Are materials for construction typically purchased or donated, or both? Does that matter? Materials are both purchased and donated. The source is not considered in judging.
3. Who should we assume is building this? Volunteers with no construction experience? Skilled builders? Micro Houses built to date have had skilled builders leading teams of volunteers.
4. Is there an ideal budget to design to? Budgets for Micro houses built to date have been in the low to mid teens of thousands.
5. Is there an ideal construction time length? No
6. Are there height limitations? No, although one story solutions are preferred.
7. Are there eave/roof overhand limitations? No, but judges will consider appropriateness of overhangs.
8. Does MLF use any particular brands consistently? For example, windows, siding, insulation, roofing, flooring? And should we consider this?    Particular brands are not used extensively.
9. Do these need to be moveable AT ALL?      No.
10. Is there a primary goal of the competition?   For example, cheaper builds, faster builds, more sustainable buildings, more interesting/marketable designs?     The goal is creative solutions to program requirements.



Is there a limit to the amount of decking allowed? I understand covered porches cannot exceed 30% of the overall footprint. Is decking part of this number?
Also, would you mind clarifying the 30% figure? Does it mean that my porch can be 60sf if my footprint is 200sf? Or is that 60sf included in the 200sf, meaning if I have a 60sf porch, I can only have 140sf max enclosed space?

200 SF + 30 % is fine.  Porches, decking or horizontal surfaces are limited to prevent designs from ‘leaking’ out of their allotted areas in the masterplan.  No scheme will be disqualified for too much porch and deck, but designs may be penalized by the jury if considered unbuildable for this project.


What is the life expectancy for the houses? 10 - 20 - 30 years?
(although cost is an issue, this will certainly influence materials and assemblies)

Life expectancy with minimal maintenance - 20 years
Life expectancy with attentive, routine maintenance - 30 years.