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Submission Requirements

Please read all Submission Requirements carefully.  Files that do not meet all Submission Requirements will be disqualified.  No refunds will be made for missing of disqualified submissions.



All submission must be uploaded onto the website (http://www...) NO LATER THAN 5pm CST FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2014.

Uploading Files

All files must be received by the final deadline. Any files uploaded after the deadline will be disqualified and deleted without being viewed.  Submissions may NOT be delivered in person or by mail.  Entrants must included the Registration Number on all submitted files.


Files submitted shall have no name or mark of designation that in any way identifieds the project or competitor, other than the Registration Number assigned to competitors upon completion of registration.

Qualified Entry

Seven (7) Items are required to complete a qualified competition entry


1. Competitors shall submit one digital file for a single 17” x 22” presentation board in a vertical/portrait format (long side vertical, short side horizontal).  The file must be of a high resolution for exhibition and publication purposes. The presentation board shall be saved as two PDF (Portable Document Files) one at minimum 300dpi resolution and one at 100dpi. 

The registration number must appear on the lower right hand corner of the presentation board.  The number should be 18 point (1/4 inch high) size in Arial black or some other bold sans serif font.  Black text on a white background or white text on a black background.


Five additional horizontal/landscape (short side vertical/long side horizontal) files are required for jury presentation and possible publication.  Each of these files should be at least 100dpi saved in jpeg format with maximum image quality.  Scale and placement of drawings on the presentation board are left to the discretion of the competitor. *


2. Rendered exterior perspective OR elevation of the house viewed in context*

3. Rendered interior perspective OR building section describing the organization and utilization of the place within.**

4. Floor Plan (Min. ¼” Scale)** furnished to demonstrate functionality.

5. Building Section (Min. ¼” Scale)** furnished to demonstrate functionality.

6. Typical Wall Section (Min. ½” Scale) detailed and annotated to demonstrate buildability.

* Each of the 5 required images must include the entrant’s Registration Number in the lower right hand corner.  The number should be 18 point (1/4 inch high) size in Arial black or some other bold sans serif font.  Black text on a white background or white text on a black background.

**   It is recommended that scaled drawings be of the same scale, with the exception of the Wall Section.


7.  A text narrative or statement of no more than 250 words describing the project concept and design intent must be uploaded as a separate file in a Microsoft Word compatible (.doc) file.  English is the official language of the competition and only statements in English will be accepted.