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Program Requirements


The object of the competition is to design a minimalist shelter or Micro Home suitable to house one person for an extended period of time, providing the basic needs of shelter and comfort, while promoting to the greatest extent possible, one's sense of place among the Community of which it is a part.  

The footprint of the home should be no smaller that 120 square feet and no larger than 200 square feet.  Rectilinear footprints are preferred.  Covered porches are encouraged, but must be attached directly to the entry door of the enclosed space and shall not occupy more than 1/3 of the overall footprint and

The enclosed space should be designed to contain one sleeping area, sized to accommodate a twin-sized bed (54" x 75", typical) with a small closet or similar suitable storage facility.  A built in desk or counter is desirable.  Innovative arrangements are encouraged, but constructability and economy should take precedent.  Finishes are left to the discretion of the designers but low maintenance inside and out is important.


The house should be designed to take advantage of the local climatic conditions.  Passive thermal design practices are highly encouraged.  Orientation to naturally screen out the summer afternoon sun and allow the winter morning thru midday sun into the house is highly desirable. The use of the natural breeze to provide cooling needs and low infiltration walls to minimize impact of cold winter winds will make the houses much more livable.  Passive venting systems within the house is encouraged.  Ceiling fans, exhaust fans, would be beneficial to supplement the floor fans provided by the tenants.


Whenever possible, lumber and material dimensions should be considered in the design, to minimize waste & cost and maximize material efficiency. The space must be fully enclosed to provide basic protection for its occupant(s) from wind, rain, sun, temperature extremes, rodents, insects, and other avoidable discomforts.  One secure entry door must be provided.  Operable windows are preferred. Entry door and any operable windows must be provided with insect screens.  Orientation and placement of door and windows are left to the discretion of the designer...

No heating or air conditioning systems are to be provided.  Ceiling and/or exhaust fans are preferred. No plumbing services are necessary. Tenants will utilize common facilities for restrooms, showers, and laundry.  Electrical service is to be included, through a 60 Amp sub-panel.  In addition to basic lighting, two 15 Amp duplex receptacles are necessary to accommodate small appliances (radio, TV, microwave, mini fridge, space heater, box fan, etc.).  Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors shall be included as well.