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AIA Austin and Community First! Village Announce Winners of Tiny Victories, a Competition toDesign Sustainable “Micro Homes” for Austin Homeless

Austin, Texas – December 8, 2014 – AIA Austin and Community First! Village are excited to announce the winning
entries for Tiny Victories, an architectural design competition with the goal of providing sustainable, safe and
quality homes for the homeless of Central Texas. Construction of the winning competition entries will begin at the
end of the first quarter of 2015.

The ultimate goal of Tiny Victories is to provide housing for the homeless population in Central Texas, and to create
innovative solutions for affordable, efficient housing in Austin. Community First! Village, a program of Mobile Loaves &
Fishes, is a 27-acre master-planned community that will provide sustainable housing and a supportive community for
the disabled and chronically homeless in Central Texas. The Community First! Village will radically transform and
renew the Central Texas community, as the men and women living on the streets are lifted up into a community and
a home.

The object of the Tiny Victories competition was to design a minimalist shelter or “micro home” suitable to house one
person for an extended period of time. The home should provide the basic needs of shelter and comfort, while also
promoting one’s sense of place within the community. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are provided in a common
area. For the competition, AIA Austin and Community First! strongly encouraged a creative or experimental level of
exploration with these designs, while still maintaining the objectives of empowerment and dignity present in the
Community First! Village.

Fifty-four home designs, between 144 and 200 square feet, were juried in the competition and represented a variety
of vernacular and design concepts. The winning entries were:

Casa Pequeña designed by Michael Smith, AIA & Mick Kennedy, AIA of TXa. This design creates a tiny home that opens itself to the daily and seasonal varieties of individual domestic life and community interaction. Casa Pequeña draws from an evocative and relevant Texas precedent: building lightly on the ground while shaded from the sun and open to the breeze.

Dogtrot was designed by Becky Jeanes, Tray Toungate, Laura Shipley and Brianna Nixon of Designtrait. This modernized interpretation to the historic dogtrot approach yields a simple composition of spaces and a tiny solution to an enormous problem.

The Rooftop Hospitality House was designed by Cody Gatlin of Fazio Architects. This dynamic home has the potential to host more guests than would have been possible without the addition of a habitable rooftop space.

MicroPod Prefabricated designed by Stephi Motal, AIA of Black + Vernooy Architects offers a flexible unit that can be oriented to optimize privacy, solar, and ventilation considerations, as well as other site opportunities such as views and trees.





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