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Sally Fly

  • Solar electric, solar thermal, and rainwater harvesting solutions are encouraged.  However, due to budget limitations, they may not be included in the final build.
  • The graphic layout is a guideline - please stick as closely as possible to it for the benefit of the jury.
  • Room Layouts - use the space as creatively as possible.  Push the envelope - rooms, lofts, murphy beds, things with wheels, funky partitions!
  • Outdoor areas should not increase the footprint of the building by more than 30%, because the design must fit the CFV Masterplan without crowding adjacent units.  That being said, no design shall be rejected for creative variations, but the jury will take it into consideration in their decision regarding buildability.  The winning entry must be something that meets MLF criteria.
  • Foundation can be a slab on grade or pier and beam (preferred). MLF has a design for an adjustable pier and beam system to deal with expansive soil conditions.

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